Theological Intelligence Of Judaism

Judaism has the least adherents of the major world religions with 15 million followers compared to

Islam (2 Billion followers)

Catholicism (1 Billion followers)

Hindus (1 Billion followers)

Protestants (800 million followers)

Buddhists (500 million followers)

Most statisticians combine Catholicism & Protestants among other differing groups as “Christians” totaling 2.4 Billion. A total that the Pew Research says Islam will surpass by 2100. 

Combining believers in Jesus is naive as adding Hindus and Buddhists total since they both originated from the teachings of the Vedas and a Hindu was the first Buddha.  Protestants were named for “Protesting” Catholicism, have different books than the Catholic Gospel, and have as much in common as Islam does, thus are different religions and grouping followers of different books is not accurate.

A.       The Tanakh, The Quran, and Monotheism

B.       The Tanakh, The Quran, and Scripture

C.       The Tanakh, The Quran, and Accountability

D.       The Tanakh, The Quran, and Equality.

E.       The Tanakh, The Quran, and Charity

F.       The Tanakh, The Quran, and Science

G.       The Tanakh, The Quran, and Love

H.      The Tanakh, The Quran, and Peace

I.        Theological Calculation for Judaism