The Vedas, The Quran, and Peace

Mahatma Gandhi is the Peak thus far of how Hindus Interpret the Pacifist Teachings of the Vedas. Aside from some tragic territorial disputes with a few of it’s neighbors, Majority Hindu India is a Peaceful country compared to some extremist countries set on World exploitation. For Example, the Genocide Britain Committed on India took more than 10 Million Indian Lives and a Trillion in Resources, compared to only thousands between India and Pakistan land disputes.

Hinduism gets a 9 for Peaceful teachings Compared to Christianity that Subsequently Inspires Wars. Winston Churchill, who Led Britain killing Millions in India was born a Christian. Most World Genocides from African Slavery to Serbia were led by Christians. In Contrast, Hindus are Saints.

Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi:

“The Allah of Islam is the same as the God of Christians and the Ishwar of Hindus.”

“Swaraj will favour Hinduism no more than Islam, nor Islam more than Hinduism.”

“Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.”

The Theological Intelligence Score of Hinduism and Peace is “5”