The Vedas, The Quran, and Charity

Another Case Study of How Monotheisms Convert to Paganism is how Hinduism and Catholicism Are Afflicted by Greed. The Catholic Church is One of the Richest Institutes with a Current Net Value of nearly $20 Billion Dollars. The Popes Essentially Live as Kings in Castles via Collecting 10% of their Followers’ income via Tithes.

Hinduism has a Similar Kingdom System where the Lowest of their Caste System (the Shudras) are raised to think they came from Brahma’s feet and are forced to do manual labor in Service to the Brahmins. The Greed For Money and Power are Two of the Many Diseases that Islam Cures, thus Remaining a Pure Monotheism.

According to Parāśara Smriti 2:13:– One should pay 5% to the gods/temples and 3% to the brahmins. This is a total of 8%, similar to the corrupt 10% given to the Catholic church.

The Theological Intelligence Score of Hinduism and Charity is “0”