The Vedas, The Quran, and Accountability

In Hinduism, the System of Accountability is Called “Karma” that is Mythically Enforced via Reincarnation. For Example, if you lived a sinful life, you are Reborn into a Lower life form.

This is the Hindus’ Justification for Apartheid and Slavery; The Lowest in their Caste system were supposedly Sinners in a Previous Life and are in a Purgatory of being Slaves. If the Shudras are Good Slaves, they will be Reborn in the Next Life at a Higher Level in Their Caste system.

The Flaw in Hindus’ Notion of being Born Sinners is that it is a Con Based on Fear for the Brahmins to Retain Their Apartheid System. By the Population in India Seeing the Shudras Doing Disgusting Slave Tasks such as Removing Cow Feces, More Adherence is Paid to the Brahmins.

The Caste System and Reincarnation is Mathematically Flawed. The Population 1,000 Years Ago was 310,000,000 compared to the Population today of nearly 8,000,000,000. That means that other life forms who never heard or read the Vedas are being Elevated to being humans.

Blessed Moths becoming Humans is also illogical because then what life form became incarnated to a moth? This Endless Soul Recycling theory of Reincarnation is also invalidated by Scientific facts that the Earth will not last forever as also confirmed in the Quran.

Reincarnation is in fact an unfair death sentence because if a Hindu is born into a poor servant family, that is a lifelong sentence with No Forgiveness. The servant can never be forgiven into becoming anything but a beggar for life.

The Theological Intelligence Score of Hinduism and Accountability is “0” because:

  1. There is no mechanism or mantra for forgiveness during an entire lifetime, you can not be unborn from a certain family or caste, regardless of how devote, it’s a life time of misery because of a supposed sin(s) a ancestor may have done.
  • The caste system meant for accountability in reflecting the righteous from the ‘evil’ is actually a guise for slavery & apartheid where the rich exploit the poor via Hinduism.