The Tanakh, The Quran, and Scripture

The Bible is 2,700 years old compared to the Quran being 1,400 years old. With Hebrew being first written in the 10th Century BC, this totals 1,700 years of Verbal transmission of the Hebrew Bible, thus resulting in multiple copyist errors and scientific anomalies, but amazingly the One Religion with Centuries of Oral Transmissions and yet Remained Monotheistic.

The Hebrew Bible is Remarkable and Miraculous to maintain it’s Teachings of a Singular God on a Planet Full of Polytheists for Thousands of Years. Hebrews Lived within the Kingdom of Idolatry (Ancient Egypt) yet Remained Monotheists, of course with the Help of Multiple Prophets in the Bible.

The Theological Intelligence Score of Judaism and Scripture is “5”. Although the Tanak has many Copyist issues, it did preserve the message of Monotheism during extreme adversity.