The Gospel, The Quran, and Peace

Islam is a Billion Times More Peaceful than Christianity.  Even According to Western Historians, Christianity has Initiated More Genocides, Crusades, Massacres and Conquests to Kill Billions more than Islam.

On the Surface, Christianity alleges to be a religion of Love, but on the inside, Murder is the tool used to advance lawlessness, thus making Christianity a deadly religion. Jesus is killed on a cross to remove all of God’s laws.

From one side it’s a gracious gesture that so called lazy humans no longer have to obey God, but realistically it’s proven to be a deadly theory spawning global mass murders for not accepting the death of Jesus.  Many Jews have been killed by Christians for following the laws of God instead of accepting the murder of Jesus & quitting the laws of God.

Ironically, Jesus spent more than 30 years teaching the laws of God and teaching peace and avoiding getting murdered but Greek translators had a different interpretation.

Gospel Logic; Jesus said, “do not defend yourselves” (Matthew 5:39, Matthew 26:52)  Vs   Jesus said, “defend yourselves” (Luke 22:36)

Christian Excuse; Some Biblical words are being taken literally instead of symbolically or metaphorically.  “turn the other cheek.”  Figuratively meant, “be moral”.

Rebuttal; Actually, turn the other cheek was a literal commandment because Jesus himself demonstrated this law;

“When he had said this, one of the officers standing by struck Jesus with his hand, saying, “Is that how you answer the high priest?”  Jesus answered him, “If I have spoken wrongly, bear witness to the wrong; but if I have spoken rightly, why do you strike me?”  (John 18:22-23)

Rather than attacking the officer Jesus reasons with the guard.

This means that if your enemy strikes or attacks you, you are to allow him or her to attack you without striking back.  You are to take the punishment without reacting.  If the Christians in history allowed themselves to be attacked without retaliating as Jesus claimed to have ordered, than there would not be any Christians left today.

Quranic Logic: The Quran saves the Gospel regarding this supposed rule given by Jesus, by clarifying that when you are being attacked, it is best to have patience and forgiveness against the attack, but if the attacks continue, then we are given the permission to retaliate only with the equal amount of force that was used against us:

“And if you take your turn, then retaliate with the like of that with which you were afflicted; But if ye endure patiently, verily it is better for the patient.”  (Quran 16:126)

Therefore, we are given the permission to repel attacks and to protect ourselves, although Allah prefers forgiveness.

The Theological Intelligence Score of Christianity and Peace is “0” Because:

  1. Abolishing Laws and Accountability as Christianity Teaches is Similar to “Defunding the Police”. Any Region without Proper Law Enforcement Sees Rampant Crime and Murder
  • Psychologically, Christianity removes the Guilt of Murder, there is no punishment for Murder in the Gospel as long as you accept the Murder of Jesus. Thus the flesh god murder supersedes all future and past murders, having the backfiring effect of making all lives worthless.
  • The alleged Murder of Jesus spurs rage against 2 other World Religions. For Centuries Christians have Labeled Jews as “Christ Killers” (A Mantra the Nazis still Use to this Day) and rage Against Muslims who State Jesus did not die & is not God.
  • Logically If Jesus Did not die on the Cross as Muslims state, then Jews, Christians, & Muslims would all come to a closer understanding of Jesus, and closer to Peace.