This book was inspired by an article my sister shared “When Europe Loved Islam”. The article details how prior to the Nazi invasion of Europe, it was “Trendy” for European Intellects to Convert to Islam.

That Sparked the idea to create “The Smartest Religion”. I have been writing Comparative Religion books for more than 20 Years and I’ve rarely felt a Publication was more important than this one to release.

It felt like an impossible task to simultaneously compare 5 Religions Ranging from their Scripture to their Science. I was blessed to have many ideas and resources come together to miraculously complete this book.

I do hope to expand on this book, creating an actual Theological Intelligence Calculator on SmartestReligion.com and upcoming Videos to Animate the Comparisons.

Another Inspiration to Creating the Smartest Religion is to Provide Pre-emptive Data and Research for Artificial Intelligence. If Ai can choose Religion someday, let’s Hope it’s a Muslim ai.

It was Enlightening and a Pleasure Writing this book, it felt like curiously travelling the world: Traveling to Tibet to Learn about Buddhist Monks, India to learn about Hindus, Europe to learn about Catholics and Israel to Study Jesus.

There is More Beauty and Extreme Love and Devotion in All Religions than Previously Presumed when Comparing All Religions Together.

Although in Conclusion it’s Common Sense that the Better Documented Religion Would be more accurate, even I didn’t know the full extent of years other religions didn’t document their religion. I hope this research will Enlighten other too.